Slip & Falls

Landowners are responsible for preventing a dangerous condition that may present an unreasonable risk of harm to anyone who enters the property.  You, and everyone else, should be protected from dangerous conditions that are not obviously seen, viewed or expected.   For example, a hidden or negligently neglected section of the properly may have caused you harm and it may be the cause of the landowner’s negligence.   Such conditions occur when a store may ignore and fail to clean a very slippery spill on a market floor.   You may also encounter damaged floors, stairs or other walkways that the landowner failed to adequately repair or negligently repaired the area, and it caused you harm. Call 833.Farah.Law (833.327.2452) to arrange for a free case evaluation and consultation.


Call us immediately to help preserve evidence, assist with dealing with the insurance companies and to discuss how we can best help you through such a difficult time.   For help, Call Farah Law.